Altrincham Golf Course to reopen

Altrincham Golf Course will reopen on 16th May 2020 with new opening hours and procedures to enable both golfers and the local community to enjoy the green space.  The move follows the Government’s plan to begin steps to ease lockdown, which includes measures to reopen golf clubs and courses.


Trafford Leisure will be reopening Altrincham Golf Course in phases, ensuring as many people as possible are able to play golf, whilst adhering to government guidelines and maintaining social distancing at all times.


Jo Cherrett, COO, Trafford Leisure says: “We have been carefully considering these guidelines and working alongside Trafford Council and UK Leisure governing bodies to review the advice and what it means for Altrincham Golf Course, our customers, staff and the wider community.”


During lockdown Trafford Leisure has welcomed the local community to enjoy the 100 acres of open green space at the heart of Altrincham, and many people have been using the space for daily exercise, including walks and runs.


Jo Cherrett continues: “It’s been fantastic to see so many families enjoying the beautiful scenery. We’re very proud of Altrincham Golf Course, it’s a special place. I understand the reopening of the golf course will be met with mixed feelings from the community and our golfers alike. I have personally enjoyed using the space with my family for a walk over the last few weeks, but I am also looking forward to getting our course back open for the public to play golf.”


During phase one of re-opening the business hours will be 7am – 7pm.  The local community is welcome to continue using the green space outside of these times. Trafford Leisure will monitor this closely and, if it identifies quieter periods, it will provide additional time for the community to enjoy the course.


Phase one comes with new rules and guidance to help golfers and Trafford Leisure’s staff to play safe and to stay safe.  These include, all tee times to be booked in advance online, with a maximum of two people per tee time for nine-hole golf only. Golfers, both members and pay and play, will be required to bring their own equipment including, clubs, balls and tees.


Trafford Leisure will be introducing new pricing options aimed at giving people choice and will see golf being available for as little as £9.00 and will be announcing junior rates to encourage more adult and child play from the same family. Trafford Leisure will continue to review their phased reopening approach on a weekly basis, assessing the opening hours, when 18-hole golf can return and when it is safe to reopen the driving range.

Jo Cherrett continues: “I would like to draw your attention to a map of the course, and the footpaths that are open to the community throughout the day. We request that you stay to the paths whilst golf is being played and that dogs are kept on leads. The map also shows an area alongside the golf course that is currently not being used for rugby and football.  We encourage the local community to make use of these five acres of land owned by Trafford Council.


“This period of time has shown that we have great open spaces in the town centre, with a community that cares about them. We want you to help us shape a new vision for this green space. Golf will be maintained at its heart, but public routes through the course and areas not yet developed could be explored, presenting an opportunity for bio-diversity, recreation and play. Once Trafford Leisure returns to the ‘new normal’ we will run workshops and virtual sessions for all the community to feed in ideas and help influence our new vision for this beautiful part of Altrincham.”